Why 2Return?

2Return takes over the complete management and administration of your packing flows, so you can focus on your core activities.

Pallets, boxes, roll containers and other packing are often seen as a cost item in the supply chain. By recovering them, 2Return makes these items available to multiple users. A sustainable solution by encouraging reuse and reducing transport distances. Moreover, investment in new load carriers becomes redundant, reducing your cost of operation.

As a member of Rotom Europe, 2Return offers 30 years of experience in cost-saving and sustainable logistics solutions. We reduce transportation distances, secure specifications of the packaging before reuse and provide seamless and just-in-time supply to the plants. Our sophisticated IT system preserves items from getting lost.

Why 2Return?

The benefits of 2Return:

1. Cost saving

Lower costs for transport, handling and storage of pallets, boxes and other logistical packaging by stimulating joint use and recovering usable resources.

2. Quality

Regular inspection and timely repair of the pallets and boxes guarantees a good quality of the packaging, thereby preventing process disruptions or damage to the shipped products.

3. Financial

High investments in new packaging become redundant. Only pay when the pallets and boxes are in use or reuse your own packing.

4. Staff

By outsourcing the packing administration and flows, your employees can be deployed for their core activities.

5. Flexibility

Fluctuations due to seasonal influences or temporary market demand can easily be absorbed via Pooling or made available again via Packaging Recovery.

6. Sustainability

Reduction of raw materials through the maximum use of reusable packaging via Packaging Recovery. Less CO2 emissions due to reduced transport distances to the various 2Return depots throughout Europe.

7. Administration

Central administration controlled by the 2Return control tower. Online accessibility to up-to-date reports and the available number of pallets per location via the web portal.

Additional 2Return services

In addition to Pooling, Packaging Recovery and RTI management, 2Return offers support in improving sustainable packaging flows:

  • Environmental legislation

    Existing and new environmental legislation obliges companies not only to register waste (including wooden pallets), but also to explain how and to what extent the options for recycling waste have been investigated. 2Return offers support in the packing administration and offers possibilities for reuse in order to prevent recycling or destruction.

  • Improvement of packaging flows

    Based on an analysis of your current packaging processes, 2Return can make suggestions for improvement and supervise the implementation. We offer you alternatives and investigate whether track & trace of these packing items is an option in your processes.

  • Sustainable packaging

    Waste flows from packing materials can be reduced through the use of sustainable packing. Reusable and collapsible boxes are an alternative. We recently introduced our Smartbox. This highly advanced and durable folding pallet box is a reusable logistics means that offers a lightweight solution for the efficient transport of products. 2Return offers support with all sustainability issues in the field of logistics packaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2Return has an active sustainability policy and pays attention to the environment on various fronts:

  • Recovery of customer-specific and standard pallets

    Pallets are used for safe packing and transporting goods. Standard packaging does not always offer sufficient protection. To guarantee good protection of the goods, many customer-specific items are in circulation. These items are often left with the end user after one-time use. Packaging Recovery from 2Return encourages the return of both standard pallets and boxes and customer-specific packaging for reuse.

  • Extended lifetime

    2Return aimes for the sustainable use of load carriers by using them as optimal as possible. Whether the pallets, boxes or crates are made of wood, plastic or metal: the longer they are used, the better for the environment and the lower the costs. The lifespan of pallets, boxes and plastic crates is extended through pooling and packaging recovery. By collecting packaging from the end users, a circular economy is created in which they can be reused. This prevents premature scrapping of good items, thus promoting the correct recycling of the materials used.

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

    2Return works closely with Rotom Europe and makes use of its local depots. By transporting the pallets to the nearest depot, the number of transport kilometers is reduced considerably. Shorter distances mean reduced CO2 emissions, resulting in a reduced impact on the greenhouse effect. Moreover, this results in lower transport costs as an additional advantage.

Interested in Packaging Pooling, Packaging Recovery or RTI management? Please contact us at info@2return.dk or call +45 6327 0000.