The plastic Lid 1200x1000mm 4mm thick

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  • A cheap option to protect against contamination or damage
  • Size fits to collars size 1200x1000mm
  • Products protection against moisture
  • Easy and quick installation on pallet collars

Cost saving

Spend less money on packaging.


Less material consumption; less transport.


Up and down scaled supply.


No process disruption; no damage to products.

Solid Lid for pallet collars built on pallets 1200x1000mm. With this product, you can easily protect products stored in collars, secured tightly against dust, dirt or rain. Surface of the Lid has rounded edges, facilitating stable striping tape bandującymi. Product easy cleaned and stored in a pile. The Lid is suitable for the preparation of by EU transport on and, where required to work at elevated phytosanitary conditions. Product recomended in logistic management like load carrier cost reduction, reuse, packaging solutions.

More Information
Længde (mm) 1200
Bredde (mm) 1000
Højde (mm) 50