Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum collection volume?

Generally we collect any volume as a service. From economic point of view the minimum volume is related to the value of the item and the cost of transport. E.g. for wooden pallets normally we will collect 30-45 pallets minimum. For plastic pallets collecting just one stack could be worthwhile.

What if there is not a 2R-depot in my neighbourhood?

We maintain a dynamic depot network where regularly depots are added due to customer needs and requirements. Adding a depot is dependent to volume and distance to the nearest regular depot.

We have a very specific packaging item; can you manage these as well?

Yes, our services and system operate and can handle any type of logistics packaging item.

Can you also offer pooling service for not listed items?

The items on our list are the standard items provided for shared use providing synergies and cost benefits. Of course we are able to pool also dedicated items that are either rented or owned by the customer.

What data do we need to provide to make a business case?

The main cost driver for returning packaging are cost for transport. What we need is the shipment data over a representative period; usually one year. This shipment data should contain the ZIP-code of the location; the number and type of items delivered and the number of items per delivery.

How do we start using your services?

First we will define the logistics profile and scope using by performing a quick scan and data analysis. The results are reported and discussed to conclude on the business potential and agree on commitment; planning and implementation. In general the total lead time will not take longer then 1-2 months.