Full service on management and administration of pallets

Full service on management and administration of pallets

“Solution proposed by 2Return proved to be perfect for us. No more quality and availability problems with pallets anymore. We can focus on our work… ”

- Paul W.
Supply Chain Manager.

At the request of the customer an initial site audit was conducted specifically focussed at pallet handling and management. Thereafter stepwise the new set-up was implemented where pallet handling is fully removed to a nearby depot. At the factory, the pallet stock is replaced by four pallet trailers that are shuttled and filled between the depot and the plant. At the factory pallets are directly taken from the trailers onto the production line so additional handling is avoided. Pallets returned from customers are provided to the depot where pallets are all inspected on quality and sorted by type. Pallets that do not meet the requirements will be replaced for good one before reuse. The replaced pallets are taken from suppliers stock and settled administratively. For each delivery to customers the shipment data is automatically uploaded into the smart management system. 2Return takes care for stock balances and reporting on customers returning their pallets to the depot so not returned pallets can be settled with the customer. For each pallet return a signed document is digitally stored into the system for validation and administration.

Packaging recovery helped making the production more "lean". Apart from reducing pallet stock levels at the plant to a minimum the inflow of constantly quality assured pallets enabled taking pallets without checking straight into production. As pallets are kept dry in the trailers space at the plant becomes available for production activities. The administrative system of 2Return helped us several times in discussions with customers related to pallet stock balances.


Our client is a contract filler for beverages in cans and bottles. For all kind of manufacturers of soft drinks; beer and wine, the company offers a full service for production and distribution of beverages. The products are stacked on pallets; kept in stock and delivered on order. Because the production process is fully automated  serve the pallets used in production need to be of premium quality. As a food manufacturer strict hygiene standards applies at their facilities.

Service: packaging recovery & RTI-management

Sector: contract manufacturing