Full pallet management entrusted to the experts from 2Return

Full pallet management entrusted to the experts from 2Return

“We finally removed all broken pallets from our warehouse and yard, gained some extra storage space and significantly raise the percentage of used pallets returned into our pool.”

Warehouse Manager.

The factories have a daily large demand for empty pallets. To prevent pallets causing problems during the production process the pallets must meet specific requirements. Although large amounts of pallets are required the storage space at the plant is limited also due to the risk of fire pallets preferably are stored elsewhere. The products usually are manufactured on order and delivered straight after production. After delivery the empty pallets must be returned to the factory for reuse.

Although the importance of pallets within our company is significantly we want to focus on the production of cardboard packaging rather taking care and attention for pallets. Therefore it was decided to outsource the overall pallet management for multiple plants to an expert. The stock of empty pallets is removed to their depots close to the factories allowing the plant to have only limited stock of empty pallets. For some of the factories 2Return manages the stock at the plant with daily stock counts and Kanban deliveries. For each delivery to customers the shipment data is automatically uploaded into their smart management system. 2Return takes care for carriers returning pallets from customers by exchange or by bundled collection for multiple shipments and deliver the pallets to the depots. At the depot pallets are all inspected on quality and sorted by type. Pallets that do not meet the requirements will be repaired before reuse. Part of the pallets delivered to customers are sold and do not return. These are automatically replenished from suppliers and added to the available stock. With all customers 2Return made operational agreements on pallet return procedure and maintains these in their system. The operators know exactly which customers to return pallets from; which type of pallets and the applicable agreements. For each pallet return a signed document is digitally stored into the system for validation and administration.

Packaging recovery service provides us with both operational efficiency at the plants as full support in managing pallet flows to and from our customers. 2Return enables a pool system where pallets are used across plants and ensures support on pallet balances with customers and carriers. Because pallets are always checked at the depot delivered just-in-time the factory does not have to worry about pallets and can fully concentrate on the production of packaging.


Our client is a leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging and supplier for companies in the industry; consumer products and transport. Packaging primarily provide protection for the product during transport and storage; have a variety of sizes and are delivered to customers on pallets. Due to the diversity of sizes not all products can be transported using standard sized pallets but require specific pallets. In addition within the food industry the wooden pallets is more and more replaced by the plastic pallet. Packaging is a bulky product requiring a lot of pallets for distribution to the customers.

Service: packaging recovery

Sector: packaging industry