BulkPak system foldable pallet box 1200x1000x980mm

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  • Reduce product damage with all-plastic construction
  • Lower total cost of ownership for an attractive ROI
  • Reduced return freight costs, with a folable construction
  • Enhanced reparability features deliver easy, on-site repair

Cost saving

Spend less money on packaging.


Less material consumption; less transport.


Up and down scaled supply.


No process disruption; no damage to products.

Designed to protect and transport parts in global automotive and industrial applications. Unlike fixed wall steel stillages, heavy-duty BulkPak containers collapse and stack securely with each other for warehouse space savings and reduced return transportation costs during storage and return shipment. The pallet box features large access doors provide excellent interior access as well as improved ergonomics for operator safety. Combined with the multiple available door configurations and heights, the new BulkPak provides a customizable packaging solution to suite your operations needs. Recomended in logistic management systems, pooling and exchange systems.
Engineered to emphasize durability, repairability, warehouse and logistic cost savings due to collapsibility, these reusable containers provide a heavy-duty alternative to steel tubs, stillages, wood crates and other alternative packaging systems. Combined with a collapsible, all-plastic heavy-duty container design, the pallet box provides a load carrier cost reduction, with an attractive ROI.

More Information
Længde (mm) 1200
Bredde (mm) 1000
Højde (mm) 980
Indvendige mål (mm) 1113
Inde dimension bredde (mm) 912
Loading kapacitet (kg) 900